Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Photography Year in Review....

I LOVE the end of the year for so many reasons.

1.  The celebration of Christ's birth.
2. The cold weather - that leads to the favorite season.
3.  Christmas Break - I get my babies home for 2 weeks.
4.  I get to do my year in review of my photography.

When I started this whole journey of chasing a dream....I made a promise to myself that I would always reflect on my work, continue to grow, and learn everything I can as I have the opportunity.  I don't ever want to become stagnate....stuck in a rut....I want to push the boarders...grow....expand.  I feel like this year has done that to me.

I enjoyed meeting every single family, child, couple I shot this year.  This is one of my favorite parts of the job....getting to know people and help them capture their memories.

I loved the addition of the Grow With Me Session.  It is not only wonderful for parents to get to capture their babies milestones, but I get a year of watching a little cutie grow and change.  So much fun shooting the stages as they grow.  Here are some of my favorite images of my GWM babies.  My first ever GWM baby...Bradlee....graduated and I will forever be thankful to Allison for taking a chance on me and my photography.

I love the comparison below of Bradlee's 3 month GWM session and then her 1 year session.  It shows so much growth...not only in Bradlee, but in me. 

Besides the adorable GWM babies I did meet and capture a lot of other cute kids and babies.....Here are a few of my favorite images of them.  

Aren't they all just adorable!!  When I was going through my pictures...I noticed I am drawn toward the pictures where they aren't looking at me. 

I also was able to shot a couple Seniors.  I openly admit I have a lot of growth to do with posing a single person.  It is really hard for me.   It, however, was a pleasure working with these guys and we came up with some great shots!

I also was given the honor and blessing of getting to capture my first many things I would do different now after shooting it.  I don't ever see myself going into full time birth photography, but I wouldn't mind capturing a few from time to time.  I would have shot with a different lens and I would not have gotten myself completely stuck behind the mothers hospital bed.  I was able to capture great shots, but there was no changing my is all the same.  But giving birth to a child is such a beautiful miraculous event and I am so pleased to have captured it for this momma.  Here are a few of my favorite shots of Nolan's birth.

Pregnant ladies...I was giving the pleasure of getting to capture some great baby bellies.

And we all know that baby bellies turn into are some of my favorite family shots.

Oh and I met some fabulous couples....I LOVE working with is my favorite thing to capture.  I pray the Lord blesses me with many more amazing couples.

 What about some beautiful bridals????  I did have the honor or working with some gorgeous brides.

And then what would a wrap up be without the weddings I shot.  This is my dream.  I want to grow, learn, and perfect everything there is when it comes to weddings.  I love telling stories and weddings allow me that pleasure.

1.  Micah and Jessica - my 3rd wedding to shot.   These two actually are family.  Micah is my hubby's youngest brother.  So it was so special to capture this day for them.  It was a hot Texas summer day in Bonham.  It rained on and off for us, but Jessica was beautiful regardless!!  

2. Ed and Morgan.  I meet these 2 for the first time in person on their wedding day!  Made me so nervous, but they were awesome laid back and so fun to work with.  They were married at Sundown in Decatur Texas in September.

3. Josh and Zebrina - my first wedding couple and they have turned out to be very special to me.  I captured their engagements, bridals, wedding, and gender reveal for their soon to be newest addition to their sweet family.   This wedding was such a major learning experience for me....I walked away that night beyond tired and full of so much more knowledge. 

4.  This wedding I second shot with my partner in crime.  

5.  This wedding brought me to tears so many time!  I also was the second shooter on it with the talented Laurie Campbell.  

6.  Josh and Cami - this country wedding had a handsome groom, gorgeous bride, and details to die for.  

7.  Brittany and Roberts outdoor family wedding.   There are really no words that would properly describe this wedding.  It was a full family affair.  So much love and joy shared on this day.  I also was so blessed enough to be the second shooter on this wedding with Laurie. 

I don't have one single thing to complain about when it comes to the clients the Lord has provided me with other the year....and those that have already booked me for the next year.  I have 2 weddings left this year and 10 on the books for next year.  It is going to be another year to remember!  I now am somehow going to pick my top 10 favorite images of the year.  The images that I just mushed over!!  (ok I couldn't narrow it to 10....)

I look forward to pushing my self this next year....
1.  continuing to get better at posing...make everyone's body and shape look good. 
2.  learning more about post knowledge in this area has come so far this year....thank you Emily Fiscus, Kristy McCaleb, and Laurie Campbell for sharing your knowledge in this area with me.  So much more for me to learn over the next year.
3. remembering to not just shot straight on....move move move when shooting. 
4. improving what I have to offer as a business.
to name a few....Thank you for a fabulous year clients!!!!

A giant thank you to some awesome photographers that have always been willing to share their knowledge with me and encourage me along the way.....Kristy McCaleb, Laurie Campbell, Emily Fiscus, and Cheyenne Ward.   You each capture beautiful memories for people in your own distinct style.  Thank you for inspiring me in my journey. 

And to end this year in review....I want to share my favorite images of my children that I captured this year.  They are by far the hardest kids to photograph.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jump....I Heart Faces Photo Contest

These groomsmen were jumping for joy for their friends marriage.

This photo was submitted to I Heart Faces photo challenge....go check it out there are some great photos....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to School Mini Sessions!

Back to School Mini Sessions
I know that no one wants to talk about it, but in reality Back to School is just around the corner.  So lets celebrate with Back to School Mini Sessions.  Such a great way to capture your child at the start of school in a short 20 minute session with some great images to cherish forever.  

.Here are all the details…
Each spot is a 20 minute session, cost $60.00, and comes with 8-10 edited images on a disk with printing rights.
To reserve your spot simply email me ( the time and date you would like.  That reserves your then have 48 hours to make payment.  Once payment is made your spot goes from reserved to booked!!  
Saturday, August 10th, 2013 - location tba
(more slots may be added)

Here is something Special - When you book your Back to School mini, you have the opportunity to go ahead and book an End of School mini.  Check out the images below to see how amazing it is to have both images of your children.  If you want to book both I am offering a deal....$100 for both.  I am so thrilled to have these images of my children to put up and look back on over the years....I know you will be too!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Grow With Me Plan and the Deluxe Grow With Me Plan

I created the Grow With Me Plan (GWM) to offer affordable quality milestone pictures for Mommas.  I wanted them to have the option to capture their little blessing at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months so that they could look back on the pictures and remember their baby at each stage...babies grow and change so much during the first year of life.  I have had so many momma's book the plan and add sessions - like maternity, newborn, birthday photography.  So I have designed a new GWM - a deluxe Grow With Me, the standard will still be available, but I am making a bundled package of extras to make it more affordable. Both of these plans also make amazing gifts for an expecting momma.  If you are interested or have more questions please email me at so we can discuss further. 

Here is my Standard Grow With Me Plan Details -
$260.00 total cost
4 milestone (1 hour) on location sessions - 3, 6, 9, 12 months
20-25 edited images on a disk with printing rights.
Does not come with any prints, but can be ordered for additional cost.  
Travel fee may apply depending on location decided.  

Deluxe Grow With Me Plan Details -
$475.00 total cost
Maternity session - 1 hour on location
4 milestone (1hour) on location sessions - 3, 6, 9, 12 months
1st Birthday Party Photography Coverage - 2 hours worth of coverage 
Maternity/Milestone sessions come with 20-25 edited images on a disk with printing rights.  
Birthday party will come with a CD with images from that day
You also will get a canvas of your choice (can be any picture from any session) 
Other prints can be ordered for additional cost.
Travel fee may apply depending on location decided.  

Birth Photography -
Something I never saw myself doing, but after doing Nolan's I have fallen in love with capturing the moments of the day for the family.  My favorite thing about photography - the reason why I do it - is to capture emotions, moments and birth photography is a wonderful miracle to capture. It is so nice to hire a photographer to capture everything and both mom and dad can be present in the moment for the birth.  
If you are interested in birth photography please email me so we can discuss details and price.

Newborn Photography -
This is an option - I must say upfront I am not specialized in newborns and don't have all the fancy blankets/props.  I highly recommend a lifestyle session for you and your newborn, where I come in your home and capture the special moments there.  In their room, with their siblings, sleeping on your bed, etc.  If you are interested in newborn photography please send me an email so that we can discuss it further.
Besides these options I have listed I do offer regular sessions, minis, etc for all your everyday needs.  I also offer packages for Seniors and Weddings.  Please follow my work on my facebook page  
You can also email me with any questions.  


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Nolan's Newborn Session

First newborn session for me...couldn't have been more enjoyable!  This family has become one of my favorites.  I did Andrea's maternity and was able to capture Nolan's entrance into the world!  Enjoy this bundle of sweetness.